The Rio San Juan/San Carlos areas have been the privileged recipient of our services for over a decade now. The team extends sincere gratitude to those who have welcomed us into their lives and trusted us with their precious ecosystem.

It warms our hearts to know that our efforts have been well-received, and we are incredibly grateful for the support and involvement of the local community. Thanks to their collaboration, we have been able to bring our projects to life, and we are proud to say that ten Nicaraguan families now depend on them for their livelihood.

Our location, nestled amid the breathtaking Los Guatuzos National Park, provides an unparalleled opportunity to live in harmony with nature. From the majestic wildlife to the stunning waterfront views, our little piece of paradise is a testament to the incredible beauty of this region. We take pride in our lodge, which was built with love and respect for the Reserve's natural surroundings. Our guests often describe it as a haven of comfort and tranquility, perfectly integrated into the ecosystem.

Mindful of Our Responsibilities.

We hold a deep reverence for nature and make it our mission to safeguard the one-of-a-kind resources and natural splendor of Rio San Juan.

We take immense pride in our lodge, which is 100% nature-friendly. We rely solely on solar energy and purify rainwater for all our needs. We also have a full black water treatment system in place, ensuring that we leave no trace on this pristine ecosystem. Our commitment to preserving this stunning region is evident in our daily actions.

We actively promote conservation efforts, fund investigations, and provide training for nature guides in sport fishing and birding. We firmly believe that education is key, which is why we organize special days for San Carlos children to learn about the environment. From speeches to lunches and tours of the Los Guatuzos National Park, we are dedicated to ensuring that the children of today are the stewards of tomorrow.

Our passion for research and conservation extends beyond the lodge. In partnership with Miami University, we organized the first-ever Tarpon Sat Tag in Central America, providing valuable insights into the migratory patterns of these magnificent creatures.

Our commitment to the community is unwavering. We have a special fund set up to support local causes, and a percentage of all guest proceeds goes towards environmental initiatives. We recognize that fishing is regulated in Rio San Juan and is enforced by Marena, but we also understand that there is no official individual fishing license in Nicaragua. By contributing to good causes related to the environment, we hope to make a positive impact on this beautiful region and its people. We are honored to be a part of this incredible community and remain committed to doing our part in preserving its natural splendor.