For more than ten years we have strived to work in concert with the people in the Rio San Juan/San Carlos areas. We wish to thank all of them for accepting us into their lives in this fragile ecosystem and for treating us as a neighbor and friends.

Their approval of all of our efforts is heartfelt appreciated. They have watched our projects grow to fruition and several have become directly involved. Ten local Nicaraguan families now derive their livelihood from our projects.

We are located close to town but on a peace of an unspoiled National Park, Los Guatuzos living in total connection with mother Nature; Wildlife, Birds, Caiman, and Monkeys. I own the 20-acre property with three waterfronts on Nicaragua Lake, Rio San Juan, Rio Frio, Lodge ( built-in 2006) is a very comfortable place, integrated into the Reserve. Many Guests say that I built a Little Paradise.

Conscious of our Responsibilities.

We respect nature and constantly act in order to preserve Rio San Juan's unique resources and Natural beauty.

The lodge is 100% Nature-Friendly

Solar Energy, Water is purified rainwater that we collect from the roofs. We also do full black water treatment.

We act daily!

We promote Preservation, Finance Investigations, and Train Nature Guides in Sportfishing and Birding.

With the schools, we organize special days for learning about the environment for San Carlos Children. We do speeches, lunches, and tours in the National park of Los Guatuzos. These children are the future and will not forget what they saw, and what they learned that day...

We organized with Miami University the first ever Tarpon Sat Tag in Central America.

We also have a special fund to help the community.

Fishing is regulated in Rio San Juan and is enforced by Marena. However, there is no official Individual Fishing License in Nicaragua. They do not receive any resources apart from the outfitter's annual fees. In order to be able to help, a percentage of all guest proceeds are used to fund good causes related to the environment.