The Los Guatuzo Fishing Lodge is located in Nicaragua's San Juan River wildlife reserve. This beautiful river runs from Nicaragua Lake to the Caribbean Sea, serving as the only connection between Nicaragua Lake and the sea. It is 120 miles long and runs from Nicaragua Lake to the Caribbean Sea. In Nicaragua Lake, Central America's largest lake, there are saltwater fish like Tarpon, Sawfish, Sharks, and Snooks, along with freshwater fish like Rainbow Bass, Mojarra, Gar, and Machaca that are world-famous.
Rio San Juan starts exactly at our lodge, at the corner of Rio Frio and Nicaragua Lake, where Jacques Yves Cousteau and Thomas Thornson studied for many years, among others. In 2010, we received the Tarpon investigation team of Miami University, and in March 2014, we filmed the National Geographic's Monster Fish Show.
We are proud to say that we observe a tremendous quantity of Tarpon, ranging from 60lb to 250lb+, going up and down the river all year round. Due to the tannins in the water, these giant fish are a different color than the common Silver King: the biggest Tarpon here are black on the back and dark green/golden on the side. With our fishing trips, you will have the opportunity to experience optimum conditions, as we always fish in quiet freshwater aboard a sport fishing boat with central T Top.
Whether you are interested in conventional or fly fishing, we have got you covered. We use Rapala Lures, such as the Super Shad Rap SSR14 or the Floating Magnum 14 and 18, and we troll, cast spinning, bait casting, and use braided or nylon and circle hooks. For beginner Tarpon anglers, we use 25lb to 40lb lines, and with good technique, these tackles are strong enough regardless of the size of the fish. Fly fishing is available in a specific area, and we use numbers 12, 13, and 14.
We take pride in preserving the natural beauty of the river, and as such, we catch and release all Tarpon. We do not support killing Tarpon, which is unfortunately a must with the IGFA world record rules, which is why the records we break are not official.

We provide Rainbow Bass fishing, which is a lot of fun on light gear, in addition to Tarpon fishing. We go looking for them at the Solentiname Archipelago on Nicaragua Lake, which is just 20 minutes distant from our fishing resort. The world record for this fish is 14 pounds, and it was surpassed in 1999 by a 24lb and an 18lb still in Nicaragua. We fish for rainbow trout both conventionally and with flies, and the average size of the fish we catch ranges from 5lb to 10lb.

We also offer Snook fishing, and sometimes, they can be caught in the Solentiname archipelago, close to the lodge in Santa Fe or down Rio San Juan in the area of Sabalo, Pocosol, El Castillo. There are two kinds of Snook present here, the Calva, which can weigh up to 6/7lb, and then the big Cola Amarilla. So far, our heaviest Snook was 42 lbs, and we have reported several fish estimated close to or bigger than 50lb lost to the boat. the wonderful world of fishing vacations in San Juan River and Solentiname! I would like to take a moment to talk about the recent changes in the area and share some exciting news with you.
Firstly, I would like to introduce myself as the owner of "La Esquina del Lago," a comfortable Fishing Lodge that I built in 2005 at the corner of the lake with Rio San Juan. Over the years, several other hotels have opened up in the area, offering visitors comfortable lodging and good meals. Whether you choose to stay at my lodge or one of the other excellent options on the river and lake shores in Solentiname Archipelago, Saballo, or El Castillo, rest assured that you will be in for a fantastic experience.Apart from the fishing, the area offers a fantastic discovery for nature lovers. You can see virgin jungle wildlife, enjoy bird watching, visit historical sites, and meet the friendly local people. Speaking of local people, they are very welcoming, and we often stop by their places during lunchtime and share a bit of their life.
Our fishing trips are unique, and we aim to provide a mix of top fishing, tropical jungle life, adventures, history, discovery, and contact with local people. We pay special attention to providing good lodging and meals, but what's equally important to us is the integration into local life. We eat on the river banks at Rancho or at home with friends, go into town, visit the market, and much more.

Nicaragua is now a safe and quiet country that has begun opening up to tourism. Visit this beautiful part of the world while it is still an authentic destination. The region is an easy five-hour drive from San Jose, Costa Rica, or a 50-minute flight over the lake from Managua (two flights a week). My lodge is only 10 minutes from the airport. For an easier trip, I recommend using my all-inclusive Discovery & Fishing Packages. I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. Hopefully, my introduction has built some trust and established a connection. Come to San Juan River and Solentiname for a fishing vacation to experience the magic of fishing.