La Esquina del Lago lodge and trips as seen and describe in:


Rio San Juan: 120 miles from San Carlos (Great Nicaragua Lake) to the Caribbean Sea through the reserves Castillo... Indio Mais...Etc Kayaking the Rio San Juan is an unforgettable experience

Destination 2 : Let La Esquina del Lago help you discover the true beauty of the Solentiname Archipelago! You can kayak around 30 stunning islands and enjoy the tranquility of the Great Lake. Whatever your needs are, we'll ensure you're comfortable and having fun. You can stay in a local hotel, a fisherman's lodge, or a camping site. Your trip will be more enjoyable if we make you feel welcome and trust us. Join us on this unforgettable adventure!

Destination 3: In the Los Guatusos National Park, La Esquina Del Lago Jungle River Lodge welcomes you with its breathtaking natural beauty. Paddle your way around our main lodge and enjoy the stunning jungle scenery. Our goal is to make you feel welcomed and appreciated during your stay. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through the jungle! Click to learn more.

La Esquina del Lago is an eco-friendly lodge located in National Park Los Guatuzos. It's our basecamp for exciting kayak adventures on Rio San Juan and Solentiname. Join us for an unforgettable experience in nature! At our kayaking adventure company, we use only the best equipment for your safety and comfort. Our light, stable fiber glass touring kayaks are registered with INTUR, MTI, and MARENA. We also provide top-brand paddles for your use.

In addition, our all-inclusive packages include lodging, meals, logistics, and paperwork. We want you to feel welcomed and valued, so we offer options such as airport pick-up at Managua International and transfer from Managua to San Carlos. For your safety and convenience, we provide a zodiac with a guide to transport your luggage and ensure your safety. Trust us to make your kayaking adventure the best it can be!

Examples of Pricing

Kayaking is worry-free with a 21-foot Cap Ann kayak rental fee of $40 per day, including guided tours at that rate.

A 6-day, 5-night kayak trip down Rio San Juan covers 220 km from San Carlos to San Juan Del Norte, and 200 km to San Juan de Nicaragua Gray town, offering an all-inclusive experience.

Transfers, lodging, meals, and guides are all included, so you can focus on enjoying Rio San Juan.

Our kayaking adventures are seamless and unforgettable

  • 2 persons $ 850 p/person
  • 4 persons $ 750 p/person
  • 6 persons $ 650 p/person
  • 8 persons $ 600 p/person

Aditional Options and Services

  1. Rent our 13 feet 15 hp 4 Stroke inflatable boat for added safety and convenience, perfect for carrying luggage.
  2. Take the public boat for a return trip upriver to San Carlos. Fly directly from San Juan de Nicaragua to Managua at the end of your trip.
  3. We offer airport pickup from Managua, Nicaragua, or San Jose, Costa Rica upon arrival in Central America.
  4. Choose from our transfer options including a Land Cruiser, van, or air travel.

Where will we meet ?

Our La Esquina Del Lago Jungle River Lodge serves as our headquarters and is an eco-friendly lodge located in the peaceful and naturally beautiful national park of Los Guatuzos. It is conveniently located near the town of San Carlos, and easy to get to.

  1. We offer convenient pickup and transfer services from:
    • Managua International Airport in Nicaragua or Liberia San Jose Airport in Costa Rica
    • Hotels in Managua, Granada, or other locations in Nicaragua
    • Hotel in Costa Rica
  2. If you prefer to make your own way to San Carlos, we can arrange to meet you there.
    • Local airport in San Carlos available for flights twice a week[Thursday and Sunday] from Managua.
    • No ferry service available anymore, sorry for the inconvenience.
    • If you come by car or rental, we can meet at the pier near the Migration Building in San Carlos. Safe parking is available.
    • Bus terminal available for a 6-hour ride from Granada or Managua.
    • Meet us at the immigration building if you are arriving by public boat from Costa Rica.
    • Meet us at the new road border of Las Tablilas near Los Chiles, and we will wait for you on the Nicaragua side.
    • We can also organize your transfer from San Jose or La Fortuna in Costa Rica by car or van to Los Chiles.

Our professional services on Rio San Juan have been available since 1998

Headlights... F.A.Q.. & Tips upon our Trips

1. All inclusive Jungle River Kayak Adventures

We offer all-inclusive packages for 3 days, 7 days or more for up to 10 guests. These packages start from the international airports in Managua, Nicaragua or San Jose, Liberia in Costa Rica. We can also pick you up from any hotel in Nicaragua or Costa Rica. You can choose to go on a trip on Rio San Juan for 4-5 days all the way to the Caribbean coast. We also organize Kayak Adventures around Solentiname Archipelago on Nicaragua Lake and Pearl Lagoon on the Nicaragua Caribbean Coast..

We can pick you up from any hotel in Nicaragua or Costa Rica and take you on a 4-5 day trip down the Rio San Juan to the Caribbean coast. We also offer kayak adventures around the Solentiname Archipelago on Nicaragua Lake and at Pearl Lagoon on the Nicaragua Caribbean Coast.

2. Kayak in Solentiname Archipielago:

Full day trip with motor boat, guest guide, and kayaks. Paddle around and return to La Esquina del Lago for the night. Multi-day trips available with an overnight stay in Solentiname in a small hotel or camping with fishermen.

3. Kayak in Rio Frio, Refugio de Vida silvestre Los Guatuzos:

You can go kayaking in Rio Frio at Refugio de Vida Silvestre Los Guatuzos. There are three tour options:

  • Half-day tour up the river to La Reserva Esperanza Verde.
  • Half-day tour on the lake near the shore with opportunities for bird watching, orchid spotting, and monkey watching.
  • Day tour kayaking down the Rio San Juan to see the Panamerican road bridge, el Pitasso, and rio Melchior. Return is in a motor boat.

4. Nicaragua Caribbean Coast, Pearl lagoon ( Laguna de Perla): 

Explore the Nicaragua Caribbean Coast at Pearl Lagoon with us! We offer all-inclusive trips for groups of 6 or more people. You can paddle around, camp, stay at local hotels, or with fishermen for a real adventure. We transfer there in a Land Cruiser with a motorboat and kayaks on a trailer. These trips are organized from Managua International Airports.

5. Kayak Rentals:

Rent a kayak for a full or half day from San Carlos or Sabalo.

6. Our Kayaks:

Our kayaks are fast, stable, and perfect for adventures on the Rio San Juan, Los Guatuzos reserve, Solentiname, or Pearl Lagoon. We use touring type Cape Ann kayaks, which are available in double and single models. They are 21 feet and 16 feet long, respectively. Our kayaks are the fastest, safest, and most stable available on the river. Our guides, Minor, Champa, Champin, and Alexandro, have won all the local competitions.

7. Level of difficulty:

Kayaking with us is easy and safe. Our kayaks are fast and stable, and we go downstream with the current (average 5km/h). There are no major difficulties to kayak all the way down Rio San Juan from San Carlos to the Caribbean Coast.

8. Trips are convenient:

Our trips are suitable for adults and families, but we require that children be at least 10 years old and accompanied by their parents.

9. Things to bring:

Rain gear, torch lamp, hat, light tropical clothes, long-sleeved shirt, insect repellent, and sunscreen. Full listing will be provided.

10. For trip on Rio San Juan till San Juan de Nicaragua on Caribean coast:

After the trip on Rio San Juan to San Juan de Nicaragua on the Caribbean coast, you can return directly to Managua by airplane. Note that flights are only available on Thursdays and Sundays.

11. Zodiac Option Guides Minor and Champa are Kayaking with you in their own Kayak:

For added convenience and safety, we offer the option of having our guides accompany you in their own kayaks while a small Zodiac motorboat follows the group. We also have the option of using a larger covered boat for the same purposes.